About Us

SHAM-ROCK-BOTICS is a FIRST Robotics team created in August of 2017 by eight FIRST alumni members. Currently, our team has 25 members and nine mentors. Each member has integral roles in both the robot-building and culture sides of our team. Each student chooses a culture project, such as our website, business administration, or team branding. Thanks to our teamwork, we can split up the work of designing, programming, building, and wiring the robot.

In 2021, we proudly won the District Chairman's Award. We were and continue to be a Gold Tier partner with LGTBQ+ of FIRST, partnering with Westfield High School's GSA club and hosting roundtables for LGBTQ+ students. Our connection to our community doesn't end there. In 2023, we attended FIRST Indiana Robotics Day at the Indiana Statehouse. With our advocacy and the work of many other teams, House Bill 1382 passed, providing grants to expand robotics programs.

Our members have helped tackle problems right here at Westfield High School. In 2023, several members won Nextech's CSforGood competition, showcasing a product that used computer vision to detect available parking spots. The students met with school administrators about implementing this product to ease the flow of traffic.

SHAM-ROCK-BOTICS is proud to sponsor 6 FLL Explore teams. These teams provide elementary-age students a foray into the exciting world of STEAM. Students use LEGO products to design and code creations that model the real world. Interested in becoming a member of SHAM-ROCK-BOTICS? Fill out our interest form!

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