Our team was established on August 2017 at Westfield High School by eight FIRST alumni members with the assistance of our school faculty.

Currently, our team is made of seventeen Westfield High School students and eight mentors. Our team has grown a lot since our rookie year and we are excited to make our comeback as a veteran team.

As a team of seventeen, we each have integral roles in both the robot and culture (business) sides of our team. Each student chooses a culture project that he or she works on with the occasional assistance of a mentor each week. Thanks to our teamwork, we can split up the work of designing, programming, building, and wiring the robot.

Teamwork and an emphasis on learning social, career, and educational skills that will one day help each individual succeed in the workforce is one example of what makes our team a great, hands-on learning opportunity that no other school program will allow.

For more information contact the team at shamrockbotics@gmail.com or contact Mr. Marley, WHS Teacher, at marleym@wws.k12.in.us